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Authentic Caribbean Cuisine in Miami

TAP TAP RESTAURANT invites you to come and taste authentic Caribbean cuisine in Miami.

Our restaurant was established in 1994 and throughout the years, we've been serving authentic Caribbean and Haitian cuisine, along with a delicious choice of seafood. Drop in today. Our friendly staff will be glad to serve you.

Caribbean Cuisine – A Festival of Flavors

Caribbean Cuisine Miami

Look beyond the turquoise water, white sand and lush green forests of the Caribbean and you'll discover a cuisine just as enchanting as the landscape. Caribbean cuisine is highly influenced by Chinese, French, Spanish, British and Amerindian food culture. However despite its sponge-like absorption of influences and ingredients from island to island, Caribbean cooking is distinctive in nature.

TAP TAP RESTAURANT has the pleasure to bring you the colorful mix of spicy flavors in Miami.

A real insight of the Caribbean food culture.

Great Food, Exceptional Service & Warm Atmosphere

Owned by an independent film maker who was fascinated by Haiti and its culture, TAP TAP RESTAURANT pays homage to the amazing cuisine of the region. Using the finest recipes from the Caribbean islands, our cooks and chefs prepare a variety of delectable dishes. Not only do we serve great food, but here we also pride ourselves on our excellent service. Come and bring your family or friends along.

Caribbean Cuisine Hialeah

We guarantee that you won't leave our restaurant hungry.

What Characterizes Us ?

  • Warm setting
  • Friendly and professional staff
  • Amazing and fresh food
  • Affordable prices
  • Excellent service and hospitality
  • Traditional methods of cooking and authentic recipes

Treat your palate to traditional Caribbean cuisine at TAP TAP RESTAURANT.

819 5th St,

Miami Beach, FL 33139


(305) 672-2898