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Haitian Food Delivery Service in Miami

TAP TAP RESTAURANT specializes in Haitian food delivery. Get in touch with us. We are located in Miami.

If you are craving for Caribbean or Haitian food but you cannot come to our restaurant for whatever reason, take advantage of our food delivery service. We have your favorite food delivered right to your door in Miami, Kendall or Hialeah.

Food Delivery to Make Your Life Simpler

Haitian Food Delivery Miami

If you don't feel like getting presentable for a meal in a restaurant, what better solution than having the food come to you? At TAP TAP RESTAURANT, we offer affordable food delivery services. Whether you are ill or stuck with some work and cannot go out to buy food, we can deliver Haitian or Caribbean food to your home or office. All it takes is one phone call.

Have your favorite Haitian food at the comfort of your home.

A Wide Selection of Dishes

At TAP TAP RESTAURANT, you can find delectable dishes, prepared using traditional recipes that come all the way from Haiti and the Caribbean islands. Whether you want to have soup, salad, grilled chicken, rice or seafood, our restaurant will satisfy your cravings ! Our specialties range from whole fish in lime sauce, marinated pork chunks to shrimp in coconut sauce and tender oxtail.

Haitian Food Delivery Hialeah

Treat yourself to the best Haitian and Caribbean food.

Our Mission :

  • To celebrate and share Haitian and Caribbean culture and cuisine
  • To provide our guests with a fresh and healthy alternative to typically unhealthy fast food
  • To provide customers with friendly service and high quality food in a comfortable environment
  • To offer absolute guest satisfaction through consistently impeccable service

Fresh and delectable Haitian food delivered straight to your doorstep.

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