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Ti Plat



Soup Joumou

pumpkin soup


Taso Kabrit

goat tidbits with creole dipping sauce


Plat Fritay

fried platter, akra, sweet potato and plantain with ti malice and watercress sauce



malanga fritters with watercress dipping sauce


Lanbi Pike Nan Ji Sitwon

spicy marinated conch ceviche


Side Dishes

Diri Kole

mixed rice and beans


Mayi Moulen (Ak Sos Pwa Ou Kole)

corn meal mixed with beans or bean sauce side


Zepina Nan Sos Kokoye

spinach in coconut sauce


Mayi Boukanen

grilled corn


Diri Blan Ak Sos Pwa

white rice with beans sauce


Banann Peze

fried plantains


Manyok Fri Ou Bouyi $3.00

fried or boiled yucca



stewed okra


Specialties From Our Charcoal Grill

Served With Rice And Fried Plantains. All Entree Dishes.

Lanbi Boukanen

grilled conch


Kabrit Boukanen

grilled goat


Poul Boukanen

grilled chicken




Salad Zaboka Ak Tomat

avocado and tomato salad with onions, house dressing


Salad Aranso/Chiktay

avocado filled with herring


Salad Tap Tap

mango, watercress, carrots and mixed greens




Kabrit Nan Sos

stewed goat


Labni Nan Sos

Stewed conch. Served with rice and fried plantains.



fried pork chunks


Kribish Kreyol O Kokoye

shrimp in creole or coconut sauce


Pwason Gwosel, Boukanen, O Fwi

whole fish in lime sauce, grilled, or fried

Spageti Kreyol

In creole sauce.
With herring add $1.00
With shrimp add $2.00


Spageti Kreyol

with kribish (shrimp add)


Ke Bef Nan Sos Kreyol

stewed oxtail


Bef Kalalou Ak Mayi Moulen

Stewed natural grass fed beef and okra served with cornmeal.


Poul Di

stewed chicken


Poul Nan Sos

Stewed chicken. Served with rice and fried plantains.


Lanbi Kreyol

conch creole

Kribish Kreyol O Kokoye



Pwason Neg

grouper in lime sauce or blackened


Spageti Kreyol

with aranso (herring add)



Stewed vegetables. Served with rice and fried plantains.
With Beef add $3.00
With Goat add $4.00
With Shrimp add $5.00


Pwason Gwosel

Poached yellowtail snapper served with a scotch bonnet lime sauce, rice and fried plantains.


819 5th St,

Miami Beach, FL 33139


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